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Who We Are

Andrew Chan | Maggie Chou Bell

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Partners in business, as well as companions on the golf course, Andrew Chan and Maggie Chou of Compass an approach to real estate that is equally compassionate and competitive. Together, they make up The Andrew & Maggie Team, a uniquely dynamic duo who can handle a full range of real estate projects that come their way. Drawing from the same code of ethics when it comes to advocating for their clients, Andrew and Maggie’s strength and camaraderie are perhaps best illustrated by the ways in which their individual talents complement one another.


Andrew Chan

Vertical Line

Having 15 years of practice, Andrew has acquired a rich command of the industrial and commercial arena, from Chinatown to San Gabriel Valley. He has been trusted with some of the largest sales in the area, including the former manufacturing facilities of Sriracha—250,000 square feet that sold for $22.5 million in 2013 – one of the most note-worthy sales recorded in the San Gabriel Valley that year. Following his success and favorable rapport, Andrew’s clients began to seek his services with all facets of the industry, leading to an increased involvement in residential real estate. However, Andrew’s passion was always in industrial and commercial properties, which is why his professional storyline and that of his business partner came to a natural meeting point.


Maggie Chou Bell

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Prior to becoming a full-time realtor, Maggie was a banking professional for 18 years working for the most trusted names in the financial world, including Citi and First Republic. Maggie represents the complete financial package, specializing in both passive real estate investment, such as buy & hold properties for income generation, as well as managing rehab projects to generate high yield short term gain. Additionally, Maggie has had direct skin in the game since 2009. Her background in flipping and reimagining projects has given her valuable insight as to what it’s like to walk in her client’s shoes.

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